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SOS irritated skin? Here is the ideal soothing skincare for all skin types

A change in habits - or even the high temperatures to which we subject our skin - can cause an actual "shock" and the skin can suffer, suddenly and without explanation immediately, the irritation more or less annoying. Salt, chlorine, humidity and sun exposure can represent significant risk factors . What to do, then, when the skin is irritated ? Here is a mix of products that can help you. Read on to find out more techsmartinfo Irritated skin: face cleansing The first thing that comes naturally to use when you have irritated skin is a soothing cream . In reality, cleansing also plays an important role. In cases of irritated skin, we advise you to prefer   delicate   but deeply cleansing formulations , which help to preserve the skin's hydration and its natural barrier. Followed by a   soothing tonic   to restore skin balance. SK├ľN! BYE, BAD ENERGY Cleansing milk Based on all Nordic active ingredients, it cleanses with natural gentle decongestants, such as Cranber

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